Class Description

There's No Place Like OM

During this yoga class we will combine gentle yoga poses with breath work to build strength, space, and body awareness. With added elements of restorative stretching, meditation, affirmations, and/or music to package you back up. Open to all levels, great for students looking for a more gentle flow, new to yoga, or those searching for the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Come join me to kick-start each week with a refreshing self-love ritual, connecting the mind, body, and spirit. (Drop in and by donation)

Saturday Sunrise

This class brings sparkle and shine to Saturday mornings!  Through a balanced flow of asanas you will wake up your core, build strength and flexibility in both body & mind, and use breath work to kick start the weekend.  With healing hands on assists you will be energized and deeply supported.  This class is open for all levels.  (Drop in and by donation)

 Sprouts Yoga for Kids 

This yoga class is designed to plant the seeds for children to move, stretch, and strengthen their growing bodies and minds. Through a creative combination of movements, breath work, and meditations kids learn to listen to their bodies and focus their minds. I'm looking forward to guiding your little sprouts. (Ages 6-9, 6 Week Series)

Take Me Outside!

All the elements of nature surround us here at Medicine Bird Healing Centre.  In this class we will practice within the nurturing embrace of sunshine, wind, water, and earth and tap into their true teaching and healing power.  We will move feely and with a little more whimsy depending on what the elements provide us.  This will be an all levels, hatha based class.  We will experience the fullest expression and essence of the poses as we develop our union with our true nature.  Classes will be held outside! (Drop in and by donation)

Warriors Heart

This yoga class is designed to uncover the Warrior’s Heart that already resides within you. Through heart opening asanas and breath work, you will begin to remove the emotional shield that prevents us all from connecting to our true source of beauty. In a safe and nurturing environment you will challenge your core, strength, and flexibility in a way that supports your heart in being more resilient and free. This class is open to all levels, so come and discover your Warrior’s Heart with Bobbi! (Drop in and by donation)

Planting Seeds

This class is for those who are new to yoga or want to continue with learning the fundamentals of this healing practice. We will be placing an emphasis on utilizing yogic tools to help you gain strength, flexibility, and knowledge in your blossoming practice.  Come and join us for an easy, safe, and fun way to start or maintain your journey towards good health and well being.(Drop in and by donation)

R&R: Renew & Restore Spring Restorative 

A warm, cozy place, to unwind, curl up, and let us take care of you, with gentle movements, breath work and meditation, this class is to help you relax and cultivate spring renewal. With healing hands on touch and soft energetic healing to support your experience of letting go.(Drop in and by donation)

Unfold Into Spring

After hibernating under a blanket, in a ball all winter, it’s time to reach for the sun, spreading your beautiful pedals, and breathe in the richness of all Spring’s offerings. In this class we offer a combination of strength building through Hatha flows, balancing postures, breath work and hands on assists. Come join us, and discover what all the “buzz” is about. (Drop in and by donation)