Haley Bowes is a Registered Social Worker, providing counselling for individuals, couples, families, and children, in an environment that promotes holistic healing and individual empowerment. 

Haley specializes in working with adults and children experiencing separation or divorce, and provides an environment of compassion to assist individuals in overcoming the associated emotional trauma. As a mother of two, and a member of a blended family dynamic, Haley is passionate about assisting others in their journey of healing from within, using counselling, mindfulness, and “Ecotherapy” as tools for personal growth.

Ecotherapy occurs when healing and growth is nurtured by a healthy interaction with the earth.  This perspective places emphasis on the critical fact that people are intimately connected with, embedded in, and inseparable from the rest of nature.  It becomes clear that in order to fully connect with ourselves we must also first connect to mother earth.

It is Haley’s belief that individuals and families should not wait for crisis before accessing counselling services, but rather engage in on-going counselling as a means to take care of your emotional, spiritual, and mental health.


1 hour adult session: $90 tax included

1 hour child session: $60 tax included


Haley Bowes BSW, RSW