Love Notes

"Dearest beautiful soul, I wanted to send you a message of gratitude. About a year and a half ago, you came to White Pine Yoga during my YTT to teach us about trauma informed yoga and you left as a fire lit in my soul. I had absolutely NO IDEA that you could learn such a thing and be a part of teaching a specific community of individuals who risk their lives and mental health every single day to help everyone around them. Every day since your workshop has led me to this point in my life where I took the first step toward reaching a goal that I hold very near and dear to my heart... teaching yoga to veterans, military personnel & families, and first responders. I enrolled into the Warriors At Ease training over the weekend and get to start my journey tomorrow. I am honestly just over the moon with excitement so I wanted to thank you. We don't always think that the things we do can change lives, and if you're ever in doubt, which I hope you never are, read this and know that you've changed mine entirely. SO much love & blessings sent your way."

- Kayla B.


"Warriors Heart. This class was so AMAZING! Thank you Haley and thank you girls for making such an awesome place for us to practice and relax."

-Megan W.


"Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed the New Years workshop. Every aspect of it was wonderful and I felt my soul start to sing....:) I hope to register for the next teacher training session as (my friend currently taking it) speaks so highly of it. A big congratulations again about the new space. It makes my heart happy to see the success of others. Best wishes for 2017! Hope to see you soon."

-Tara R.


"Medicine Birds 200hr YTT is an enriching, down to Earth, for western bodies approach to Yoga. It was precisely the next foot hole for my blueprint. I was ready to unite with others in a circle of consideration and on/off the mat self- exploration. The ecosystem of modalities we were guided through took us to depths, widths, breadths, heights and all round circumferences, creating a rich canopy of holistic learning.There were no plank offs, or measuring up fellow students angles, only constructive witnessing of growing pains, as we planed out the knots of our timbers. Supporting each other’s branches, making space for budding twigs, we rooted deeper, allowing expansion of growth rings. Spring roots nourished, summer fruits ripened; muscles lengthened, bones strengthened.  Connecting to nature, our essence of truth cultivated. Wholesomely, a more grounded presence as a teacher and student of Life flourished. I stand taller and stronger because of the trainings offerings: nurturing environment to chop down old hideouts, solid foundation of knowledge to build on, pouch tools for inspiring others on a healing path, and courage to keep carving the “Tree house” my spirit deserves."