Life Coaching with Kimberley Murphy

Wellness Counselling & Personal Life Coaching with Kimberley Murphy

Sometimes we need to talk it out.

Before I became a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, I took a Wellness Counsellor program in Vancouver BC.

What is a "Wellness Counsellor"?

In counselling, we dig deeper into why we are the way we are. Old behaviors, patterns and the beliefs we have about our lives and about ourselves affects everything.

Life Coaching is goal setting, moving forward and not looking back. We create the life we want and we start by putting one foot in front of the other.

Wellness is a balance of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. Often times, if we are having a crisis in one area of our lives it can create a ripple effect.

You-like-me have the power to heal, change and grow.

How? By supporting you in the vulnerable and challenging moments; calling you out on your fears and taking no BS, all in a grounded, practical, real way.

My mission is to help people harness their innate creativity, get a little closer to themselves and peel back the layers that cloud our vision of ourselves and the world around us.

I want to hold space and support your gorgeous, brave, committed soul as you strengthen communication skills to nurture your current relationships or move forward with courage to let go of relationships that no longer serve you. Ditch the limiting beliefs holding you back, awaken your spirit and fall completely in love with your LIFE and most importantly with YOURSELF.

Let's get REAL babe

I have made my share of mistakes...more than betcha. I’ve turned and run from my own life and come back with my tail between my legs more times than I’d care to admit. But you know what? I learned a lot.

I could no longer hide behind my excuses and justifications as to why my relationships were not working, why THAT job wasn’t right for me, or why the money never lasted long enough. Self-responsibility is a beautiful, amazing thing, and honouring and valuing myself has altered the way I approach life. It's time to embrace self LOVE.


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